Workout Of the Day (Monday February 13, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 6 Back Squats
For Time: Five rounds of:

20 Ball Slams

10 MB Plyo Pushups

300 m Run with MB

Stabilization: 50 Toes to Bar
Details: GREAT weekend this weekend at the 3rd Annual Sac Town ThrowDown in Roseville at the fairgrounds.  There were almost 100 teams that competed from around the Bay Area and Northern California area bringing some of the fittest athletes that have participated in the Games and Regionals.  The programming was very unique and challenging exposing many weaknesses in nearly all teams (including our own) and forcing you to “gut check” on the WOD’s requiring zero skill just work to make up for lost points i.e. pulling a police car 400 m around a race track.


Justin at East Sac and his crew of volunteers did an amazing job at keeping things organized and very timely, there were only a few minor delays, but once things go moving, it was game on!  Nice work, it was a great venue to be at and although I didn’t participate, it was great for spectating as well.  Great work!


On our end, our novice team and masters team which are very new to competition ran in to a couple of strategic issues and movements that caught us off guard.  Either way, every one had the right attitude and allowed themselves to have a great time!  Our masters team consisting of Jim Garvin, Rob Fratus, Michelle Habenicht, and Monica Calhoun took 15th place.  Our novice team of Mike Kluegal, Miles Barker, Amber Rhoades, and Audra Dobbs took 14th place.


The open division team worked well together (almost like they have before) and got after it!  They struggled a bit with a long drawn out cardio WOD but still went in to day two with a solid first place.  The last event lined up VERY well for us and was a bit of a “no brainer” but as history states, “no brainers” aren’t always no brainers… So, we thought a lot about it and over thought it some more.  Our initial mindset was correct, but better to be too prepared than not enough.  They dominated the relay style event and crushed the next fastest time by almost 90 secs!


Overall, RCF prevailed and took 1st!

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