Workout Of the Day (Tuesday February 7, 2012)

Technical: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 Split Jerk
For Time: From the 2010 Southwest Regional:

Five Rounds of:

5 Muscle Ups

10 Power Cleans (135/95)

200 m Run

Stabilization: 5 x 15 secs KB Seated Hot Potato
Details: Top time this morning as Rx is 13:08, nice work, let’s see if it holds up!


On to business…  The CrossFit Games are fast approaching and first up are the CrossFit Games “Opens”.  Once a week, a WOD will be released and the participant has until that following Sunday to complete it and submit the results.  Last year just under 30,000 people registered and participated worldwide.  This year will be even bigger with the massive growth CrossFit has encountered this year.  The Opens this year is simply 5 WOD’s spread out over 5 weeks.  Why do you care?  Great question, you’ll be doing the WOD’s anyway as I integrate them in to the weekly training schedule at RCF, so, might as well register and see just how you stack up to people not only in your own gym, but worldwide!  Just like the participants of the Death by Barbell competition that just finished up, this is a great way to get a goal and help you progress to becoming a more fit, more resilient, and more functional human on your way to bad ass status, haha.


The largest team worldwide will be rewarded handsomely. On Sunday, February 26, at 5 p.m. PT, the team with the most registered athletes will win the number of tickets to the Games equal to the number of registered athletes on their team, and get their affiliate fee waived for life.  Let’s go people, you’re already going to do the work, get a reward for it!  Register and sign up for the Opens ASAP!!!!!  The fee is minimal at $20 and the gains are unmatched.  Motivation, learning the “game”, getting out of your comfort zone, and supporting your happy place, the gym!  If we get 200 athletes signed up, and yes we do have the numbers to get there, we will throw a huge client appreciation party and maybe some kind of a weekend getaway, whitewater rafting trip, beach day, something.  Yes I have been looking on groupon and livingsocial for ideas…


Sign up here:


Tis the season of hard training and goals!

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