Workout Of the Day (Wednesday February 1, 2012)

Technical: 4 x 5 Snatch Balance

5 x 10 KB Snatch

For Time: 100 Burpees
Stabilization: 100 Air Disc Squats with Partner Prone Iso’s
Details: How are you getting results?  What weight did you snatch on November 19th?  Have you been getting stronger? Faster? Why are you working and training so hard without knowing your progress?


Here’s the deal, we need to L.I.F.T.!  Listen, Implement, Follow through, and Track results.  All too often in classes, people are talking amongst each other while instruction of a lift is going on, or we ask you to do for instance 5 sets of something and you do 2 or 3.  That is fine for you, I DO want you to have a great time in here because it is fun.  But, when you don’t get the results you are wanting, truly ask yourself if you are actually doing everything and working hard.  If that is the case, please, consult one of the coaches to see what the issue may be.  Also, we do keep a record of each WOD that you do with the time and weight you used.  BUT, it is up to you to track your own progress.  We now have comp books for sale to track your data.  Track the weight that you use during the technical/strength component then track the WOD results.  I WANT YOU TO GET RESULTS!!!  But, you have to track results as well.


You want results for your hard work?  Then L.I.F.T.!!!


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