Workout Of the Day (Thursday January 19, 2012)

Technical: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 Split Jerks
For Time: From the 2012 OC Throwdown “Floater WOD”:

15, 12, 9 of:

KB Swings (70/55)

Burpees Over Hurdle (Do not need open up the hips nor clap overhead…)

Then take a mandatory 2 min break to follow up with a 12, 9, 6 of the same thing…

Stabilization: 100 KB Seated Twists
Details: 190 Double Unders


This WOD is an all out max effort sprint!  Chad A. from RCF got 5:49 on this WOD including the 2 minute rest period… That’s your target!

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