Workout Of the Day (Tuesday December 27, 2011)

Technical: 5 x 3 OHS
For Time: 50 Burpees

500 m Row

75 Pushups

500 m ROw

100 Air Squats

500 m Row

Stabilization: 5 x 12 secs Seated Hot Potato
Details: We will be running another groupon promotion this week.  We just received confirmation that the dates will be Dec. 31st through January 2nd.  Same rules as last time for you.  If you have been a member with us over the past 6 months, unfortunately you may not purchase one for yourself.  However, for every 5 groupon’s you purchase to be redeemed at RCF, you get one FREE month!  This is a way to get your motivated New Years’ Resolution friends and family in!  Gift them out or sell them and make some money.  Again, for every 5 that you purchase as gifts or to sell, you will receive one FREE month of training!


I will update the schedule for next week to take on the influx on clientele and please keep in mind…  The previous groupon promos we ran paid for the new racks, atlas stone molds, yokes, farmer handles, more bars, weights and other items!  So, your patience is appreciated and again, we will be opening up more classes… Any class time suggestions?  Please let me know…  How bout a lunch time class?


Thank you!


PS- If you are in class, you only have 31 Holiday Burpees, otherwise, it’s 81!


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