Workout Of the Day (Monday December 12, 2011)

Technical: 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 Snatch
For Time: Four Rounds of:6 Power Snatch (135/95)

12 Burpee Over Bar

18 KB Swings (70/44)

Stabilization: 50 Pistol Squats
Details:  Death By Barbell Prelims came and went yesterday.  The nerves have finally calmed down!  AWESOME WORK EVERYONE!  I’m so proud of every single person that participated in the event!  I know it was out of your comfort zone and for about 75% of you, it was your very first event!  You got to experience the whole pre-comp mindset and mental struggles.  Nerves were running rampant throughout, the self doubt thoughts enter the mind paired with “did I eat right? am I actually ready? why can’t I sleep?”  You are not alone!  Every athlete goes through this at some point.  Once we said, “3…2…1..GO!” the nerves stopped and it was just you and the barbell.  Just like a class, only this time, you have someone holding you accountable, a judge, not to mention over 100 people in here yelling and cheering so loud the music can’t be heard.  Then once you go numb, tune everything out, you’re done! 

Excellent job guys and thank you for volunteering to help judge and encourage each other.  Special thanks to Chris Lalanne for allowing us to set this up in our own place for the prelims before we make our trip to San Francisco on February 4th.  I believe that definitely helped to comfort you guys and give you the “home field advantage” feel.  Some of you may not have done as well as you hoped, others did better than expected.  Either way, you did one hell of a job to accept this challenge! And, if nothing else, it’s a great method of training, there is no replication of the competition feel for the body, you work harder than you ever thought possible!  SO PROUD!


On a side note, for you 0530 class attendees… Please note, we do not have a Wednesday 0530 class, we have however added a Tuesday and Thursday at 0530.  Please pay attention to schedule, if you show up on Wednesday, you’ll be bored and disappointed.  We are just trying this out, if it is successful and there is more demand for that fifth day, then game on!


Under Armour gear is in house and would make the perfect gift!  Get custom ordered sayings and font color for yourself of that special someone! For custom order, get to me no later than Dec. 15th to allow time to get it done before X-Mas!


Lastly, the “lost and found” pile is getting large and has been steadily growing for a couple months.  I will donate clothes by the end of the week to goodwill and the water bottles will be trashed.  Some of the bottles do have and “RCF” sticker on them, so that would probably help you to identify if they are in fact yours or not.


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