Workout Of the Day (Monday December 5, 2011)

Technical: 7 x 1 Clean Complex:

Deadlift, power clean, front squat, push press

For Time: 21, 15, 9 with a 800 m, 400 m, 200 m run after the rounds of:

DB Cleans (50/30)

DB Push ups (hands on bells, touch chest to floor)

Stabilization: 10 Heavy TGU
Details: 15 Holiday Burpees


Those of you participating in the “Death By Barbell” event this coming Sunday, relax!  It’s still a ways out.  With that said, since it will be the first event/competition that most of you have done, your endocrine system is going to be on overload, especially day of!  You are as prepared as you’re going to be now, killing yourself this week with the same movements will only hinder your performance and lead you to overtraining.  So, if you are doing it, I do not want to see you in the gym for a class on Friday or Saturday.  Coming in to stretch and roll out is a great idea, but taking a class that late in to the week will hurt your performance.  If you are having trouble with the movements and would like some form fixing, that is different.  Let me know and we can work with you. Again, I realize this is the first event for most of you, I understand that people have a competitive tendency and have this pressure of not wanting to let anyone down.  Well, guess what, you signed up for something out of your comfort zone, so long as you try and put some effort in to you, we will ALL be super proud!  We have all been in a situation, whether it be a competition, a WOD, a class, where we are just spent, yet everyone encourages, motivates, and inspires to keep going!  This is the beauty of our community that has been developed in to CrossFit and Rocklin CrossFit. Then you have to realize, that there is nothing different, “It’s just another WOD”, don’t let labels take the fun out of it, again, no matter the outcome, know that this is a tremendous training tool simply for the fact that you can not replicate the feelings and push you’ll have from one of these functions!


Please let me know if you need some work or just need reassurance!  There are still spots available to participate too, just go to


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