Workout Of the Day (Thursday December 1, 2011)

Technical: 5 x 3 Front Squats
For Time: Five Rounds of:

500 m Row

10 Ball Slams (40/30)

15 Slam Ball Thrusters (40/30)

Stabilization: EMOM 25 situps for 4 minutes

3 Burpees

Details: Holiday BURPEE Challenge is back!!! The holidays come but once a year, it's a great time for family, friends, and LOTS of holiday eats!  So, what better way to help control the addition of some holiday pounds while bettering your ability to perform the mindless, obnoxious burpee, than to ACTUALLY do them in your off gym days?  Last year was a great success, many people did the complete Burpee Ch

allenge for the whole month, while others would just do it periodically.  Well, the one's that completed ALL of it started to see decrease WOD times, stronger lungs, legs, and arms! I wonder if there is some kind of correlation?  Hmmm….  Also, if you remember last week, we did burpees as a part of the testing WOD, so let's make them easier to get better scores for next testing!

Here's the deal, complete the allotted amount of burpees each day… It's really quite simple, especially with the low numbers.  Once we get in to the higher numbers, break them up however you'd like i.e. on a day of 60 burpees, you don't have to do them all at once, perhaps do 6 sets of 10 throughout the day.  We will definitely be programming more burpees in the WOD's to come, so we'll be able to see who is actually doing them on their own.

Happy Training!

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