Workout Of the Day (Saturday November 20, 2011)

Technical: 3 x 8 Dead lifts
For Time: Five Rounds of:20 yd Yoke Walks

9 Deadlifts (225/155)

300 m Run

Stabilization: **
Details: Performance week starts tomorrow!  I did make a schedule change for tomorrow night. The 6 pm is now a “testing” block. I am hearing that some people are nervous… Don't be! It's JUST working out, plus the baseline data set is NOTHING to be nervous about, we are just seeing where we are under certain conditions and will replicate it three months later.  If the schedule just doesn't work for you, let me know… We'll try and make it work!  Open Gym on Friday will be a chance to “make-up” the missed days due to scheduling, b

ut still please sign up!  Open Gym is at it sounds, open! Come in and play around with things you don't get to work on.

Also, the Fall Strength Challenge held at CrossFit Level 10 in Oroville went down yesterday!  A TON of great athletes in the area took the task of competing in up to 5 different WOD's in one afternoon.  We had a great representation from RCF there bringing 12 athletes!  Great job to everyone that competed, it was a long day and the weather was very cold (but at least dry)! Jennie and Lynn both found there way to the podium while Wes got the “Spirit of CrossFit” Award (second time now for this one!)  Nice job everyone, thank you Santos and your volunteers for running a great event!  From RCF were:

KJ Eslick

Jordan Smith

Todd Weygandt

Aaron Johnson

Wes Hutchinson

Audra Dobbs

Jennie McKernan

Lynn Hunter

Amy Slay

Amber Rhoades

Sarah Beverly

Valerie Calhoun (for only the first event, she had Homecoming to go to)

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