The reason why last few Friday’s have been so brutal!

Well the OC Throwdown qualifiers are DONE!  Sorry, no more competive Friday WOD's for us!  =)  It was an “Opens” type event, where they would release a WOD on Sunday and we have until the following week to complete it and submit the results. Some had to be videoed if we felt as though they would be a top 3 performance.  Top 3 would receive prizes!  Here is Val on an aston

ishing WOD 2 performance!

With all that said, we have several people that made the cut!

Wes Hutchinson

Jordan Smith

Valerie Calhoun

Jennie McKernan

Jim Garvin

Lynn Hunter

Michelle Habenicht

Gary Baron

Follow the link for the overall results!

Nice work all!

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