Workout Of the Day (Saturday September 10 2011)


4 x 4 Split Jerk

For Time:

Complete Three Rounds of:

20 Ball Slams

20 Plyo Pushups using ball

400 m MB Run



Three Rounds:

15 Ball Slams

15 Pushups

300 m MB Run


5 x 12 secs Hollow Rock


Those of you that are new and have done at least one session, or will start this upcoming week, be smart.  There has been several people that are getting a bit light headed early on.  When asked the simple question of nutrition for that day, the ones getting lightheaded are saying they are on a calorie restriction diet.  The programming is tough, even in the CFL class, be smart!  Food is fuel, I understand that many of you are here to trim up and increase muscle tonicity, but understand the calorie in vs. calorie out is only valid to a point.  If you are restricting too much, your body will go the wrong direction from your goal.  The body is smart, it realizes that you’re not giving it enough fuel (food), so it goes to conservation mode.  The body doesn’t know when you’re going to refuel, so it’s natural tendency is to hold on to EVERY last bit of calories for fuel that it can.  Thus, you feel depleted, metabolism slows way down, then you’re left with an inability to perform at your level of potential.  Eating is a necessity, you just have to be smart with it.  So, if you have gone about 6 hours without food, especially on a day you are to train here, eat!  I am not at all saying that you should hit the drive thru on the way in to class, I don’t want to clean up your vomit (excuse me for being selfish), but get something.  Believe me, I fully understand the busy life styles that we all have, but that is no excuse to not eat.  It’s simple preparation!  Always have an “in case” meal.  Perhaps some jerky and trail mix.  It has a long shelf life and won’t parrish if left in the car while at work. 


Coming in on an emply stomach will make your experience here a bad one.  This is a great program and yields tremendous results.  You have to give a more than just a day to get there though.  Sorry, this isn’t the “magic pill”, it requires you to do some work.  Let’s get there together!  The members here are extremely encouraging and motivating. 


Let’s DO WORK!!!!


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