What a weekend

As most all of you know, (if you don’t, then you’re probably living in a tunnel) the CrossFit Games are now done!  The venue was incredible and thousands of people showed up all the while millions were watching from home! 


We left early Wednesday morning for athlete check-in.  Once we arrived, we were all treated like professional athletes!  Reebok did an amazing job sponsoring the event.  The athletes all went in to the hotel lobby to check-in, then were taking to get some goodies… Expecting a shirt and some basic swag, we were unbelievably surprised by the generousity of Reebok.  Each athlete recieved about 10 t-shirts with our team name and number on them, about 8 pairs of shorts, compression gear, socks, hats, bags, jackets, and other stuff!  It was incredible.  If the items didn’t fit, there were taylors there as well to make alterations.  It was a great start to an even better weekend.  At the orientation, we were welcomed with a small social and the first WOD was announced.  To move 1,700 pounds of sandbags, distributed amongst just 15 bags 100 yds and back traveling over a couple obstacles.  We were excited!


It was time, we were checked in, nerves were running rampant,  and our strategies were in place, 3…2…1… GO!  http://games.crossfit.com/finals/live/jumbotron/626925?category=teams&division=all&day=all WOW, the sandbags were extremely heavy and we were at a disadvantage due to our heaviest athlete weighing in at just 170 pounds while the heaviest sandbags were 200!  Metabolically we were taxed, stuck to our plan, but just had nothing left in the tank.  We finally finished and took a 33rd placing to start the weekend.  A bit disappointed in our outcome, but not in our performance, we gave every ounce of effort we could!  A minor injury also took place on the WOD too.  Rough start….


WOD two http://games.crossfit.com/node/627843: Complete as many rope ascents as possible in two minutes followed by having two minutes to establish a one rep max on cleans.  All the times Chad has made us do rope work while  we comlained (mostly myself!) has really paid off!  We took 4th for the ropes and and tied for 9th on the cleans, Wes stepped it up with a whopping 275 pound clean!  Feeling great about our finish, we have since bumped up from 33rd to finish the  day in 13th!


WOD three http://games.crossfit.com/node/629173 : With only four athletes per team for this one, perform in order, with no regulations on who does what: 40 muscle ups, 100 deadlifts (245/165) from a low bar, 100 GHD situps, then a sprint relay.  We strategized well for this one and despite shoulder issues for both Chad and Gary, we determined we’d be a few seconds faster on the muscle ups and deads… Our plan worked out great and had a tremendous lead going in to the deadlifts.  Through great communication we didn’t miss a beat and continued to plug away.  Once the sprints started, we knew we just had to maintain.  We wound up taking first for that event by just 10 seconds, we are now in fifth place overall!


WOD four  http://games.crossfit.com/node/629260 : In a relay style, perform 20 push press (135/95), 20 box jumps, travel 50′ of monkey bars, 50 double unders, then 500 m stationary bike, then repeat in reverse order.  Again, only four athletes can participate in this one and for our strengths, it happened to be the same four.  Gary started out fast to set the tone Chad held the back end to keep us moving by chasing us down.  We won our heat and ended up taking fourth for the event.  We are now in third place and moving on to Sunday through eliminations. 


This year for the affiliate cup, for the finals, the scores are wiped out to zero and for the first time ever, it’s winner take all for the event to claim the title of the Fittest Gym On Earth!  http://games.crossfit.com/node/629919 The WOD was a relay style and composed of benchmark CrossFit WOD’s.  They were Elizabeth, Fran, Isabel, Grace, Diane, and Karen.  We thought we had it set up perfect, however I made a mistake on placement and it wound up costing us.  However, we may not have won, but there is not a single team out there that can say we didn’t give absolutely everything we had.  After the first few minutes of frustration, it simply became a battle of pure guts, heart, passion, and ulitmately one of the best performances witnessed.  Again, not by a blazing fast time, but by the simple fact of finishing with style and class.  We were time capped on the final workout and still had two and a half of the benchmarks still to be done.  The judges and officials walked off and had begun to start cleaning up the arena in preparation for the individuals to compete.  The fellow teams that were all still out on the floor then became our judges, counted our reps and even no-repped us as well.  The crowd erupted once they realized we weren’t going to fold.  There was no prize to be won, every single person in the stands were on their feet and still cheering us on as if we were still in contention. 


The support from the competitors and fans was unreal.  We may not have won anything material, but we sure came to play!  The showing of encouragement for a team DNF’ing a WOD is truly the reason that CrossFit is in a class on its own in the sporting arena.  I couldn’t have asked for a better team and support crew.  I am unbelievably touched for the fact we had people make the trip down, to follow along online and continue to email and text me about the results!  I love every single message I recieved and passed them all along.  Do not for a second think that you were bothering me with them!  Yes, we made some mistakes, but we are a young team with many more years left to compete.  A learning experience no doubt, and guess what…  I think people know a little bit more now about where Rocklin is!


As far as the rest of the competition…  Northern California was represented extremely well!  On the team side, TJ’s took 11th, Diablo took 7th and us in 6th overall.  On the individual side, two women from Nor Cal placed top 10, and also for the men, two took top 10.  Blair Morrison (CrossFit Anywhere in Granite Bay) had a great weekend and is now prequalified to go to the Games automatically next year with a 5th place finish!  Nice work everyone!


Again, a thousand thank you’s to everyone, you all have helped make us who we are and I feel blessed to be a part of it all!

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