Done and Done!

With excitement as well as rain in the atmosphere, it was a long weekend!  The first WOD (750 m Row x 4, 50 HSPU’s, 750 m row x 4) went very as planned.  We rowed at the predetermined pace and were getting after it.  However, there was a lack of paying attention that cost us a minimum of 6 seconds.  After the athlete hits the 750 m mark and tags the other athlete, the judge is supposed to zero out the rower display.  This unfortunately was not done until Val was already strapped in and two pulls of the row.  So, the rower had to be stopped and reset to zero.  Once everyone was done with the rower, Wes took the lead on the HSPU’s and repped out over 20 unbroken, followed by Val with another 20 leaving Jennie and Chad with just a minimal amount for they were the one’s with the least amount of break from just leaving the rower.  We went on to take 4th overall on that WOD while 3rd place was just 5 seconds ahead.

Then, the ladies, Amber and Amy (representing CFC this week).  The individual WOD was 1000 m Run, 30 HSPU’s, 1000 m Row.  Both ladies started out very strong, but forgot about the whole idea of resting between reps when fatigued beating there shoulders up.  Excellent composure and drive for sure!!


WOD #2, a thruster progression.  Preset weights are set for very strict max weight thrusters.  Lynn started us off and wound up thrustering 145, she was called for a no rep on 150 for a slight shuffle on the uneven terrain.  Gary up next and hit 235, missing 245 simply because he wasn’t focused on the task at hand, we took 5th.  Amber hit a solid 125 and Amy was called for a no rep on a frustratingly light weight and received 105 as her number.  There were some major inconsistencies with the judging this weekend.


Day #2 was very ugly for weather, but the CrossFit spirit and the athletes’ stubborn abilities kept marching on.  First WOD was the 21, 15, 9 of heavy deadlift and high box jump, for the team, the male athlete, Chad, must complete the whole thing before the female athlete, Jennie, could start.  Chad started out nice and steady in the rain while each drop of the weight pushed the sandy gravel deeper and deeper, by the end of the WOD, the bar was being pulled from at least an inch deficit.  Chad tagged Jennie to go, but first needed to flip the box and change the weights, meanwhile the clock is ticking so transitions are a must.  The slippery weights and pulling from a deficit made things difficult.  She was off and rocked it!  We took 4th overall.


The weather conditions were not any better for Amy and Amber.  Amy felt good and hit the WOD full speed and pulled a great time.  Amber fought through the tight back on the heavy deads at 205# and finished under 9 min.


WOD #4 was changed just slightly for the teams due to the conditions and the potential for injury on the wet pullup structure.  It was 150 Chest to Bar Pullups, 250 KB Swings, 250 Double Unders, 250 OHS (95/65).  Started strong and the communication was much better this go round and put Wes and Val for the major focus on the pullups.  Once all of them were cranked out, on to the KB Swings,  where Lynn did most of the work (her incentive being to allow Gary enough energy to do most the double unders so Lynn wouldn’t do any!).  It worked great!  Double unders were down in just over 3 minutes and on to the OHS.  EXTREMELY strict on the standard of motion, which was perfect!  Unfortunately, however, that wasn’t the case for all the teams.  We stuck it out and wound up taking 5th overall.


Individual WOD was 100 reps of each: pullups, KB Swings, double unders, ohs.  Lots of pullups in the competitive mindset equals ripped hands!  That was the case for both Amy and Amber.  Tears in the hands are extremely frustrating and very limiting.  Both girls got through the blood and on to the kb where the range of motion was just obnoxious.  Double unders didn’t seem to be much of a problem either, then on to the OHS.  Bodies fatigued, hands ripped and shaking from pain and adrenaline, they grab their bars and start chipping away.  Amy got through more than 50 reps before time was called.  Amber struggled with her quads cramping up on her after her first few reps in.  Once she could bend her leg again, she regripped the bar to get it overhead.  Only being able to get a few reps at a time due to leg cramps, she was unable to get much more than 20 reps.  Both these girls displayed HUGE drive and determiniation, Thank you for being a part of RCF!


Day #3, weather let up, it’s looking out to be a beautiful day.  First WOD was “Amanda” a 9, 7, 5 rep scheme of muscle ups and squat snatch (135/95).  For the teams, the male, Gary, must do 9 muscle ups, then the female, Lynn, does 9 muscle ups.  The pattern continues until both athletes have completed the alotted reps and finish with the snatch.  We stuck to our game plan and made each effort count.  The main focus was for the muscle ups.  We struggled through them and each time we were done, the snatched were a break!  Being as consistent as we are, we took 4th on this one. 


Last WOD of the weekend.  A chipper style WOD started with 20 cal row, 30 burpee box jumps, 30 db ground to overhead (45/35), 30 toes to bar, 100 ft OH walking lunges, 50 sprint.  Chad was the leader on this one, followed by Jennie, Wes, then Val.  Strong and steady as we moved along the course with the DB G2O being the sticking point for everyone, particulary the women due to the heavier than usual Rx weight.  That didn’t stop the RCF girls from mustering up the strength to pound them out one at a time.  On to the toes to bar with the fore arms being fatigued from the previous lift.  Chalk up and go!  Once done, the rest is a piece of cake!  We took 6th overall on this one.


All n all, it was a very educational weekend for us.  We learned and experienced a bit more about how to perform as a team, all the while some weaknesses were exposed.  I’m very proud of everyone that competed, we have worked our butts off this past year, and guess what…  Now is the time to really get serious!  We move on to the next round of competition, which is THE round of competition.  The Reebok 2011 CrossFit Games in Carson, CA at the Home Depot Center on July 29-31!!!!!!!


Thank you guys so much for showing up, even if it was for just an afternoon.  We truly appreciate you taking the time out of your weekend to help show your support and to see what a real competition is like.  Thank you thank you thank you!


Happy training

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