Don’t be so committed

If someone decided to throw a medicine ball at you and you weren’t ready to catch it, what would you do?  Nearly every single person probably just thought in their head, “well I’d get out of the way, or I’d just move!”  Sounds pretty obvious.  It is the body’s natural tendency when put in harms way.  Save itself!  Get out of the way.  Nobody wants to be hurt, and let’s face it, weightlifting or CrossFitting is just not worth it on the training level.  So, watch the video, pay attention, and stop being afraid of dropping the weight!  Save your body for another lift.  A five pound PR isn’t worth two months of shoulder recover and physical therapy. 


For those of you that do not know, this video is of Coach Mike Burgener at one of his clinics.  I have had the pleasure of training at his house.  If you think his presence in the room of the video is intimidating, think again.  He is a master of the art of Olympic Weightlifting.  Watch the video and implement! 

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