If you’re doing the Opens, please read……

If you plan on doing the “Opens” this weekend here at RCF, for logistics sake, please inform me if you plan on attending or not….


We are teaming up with CrossFit East Sac and CrossFit 209 Sport from Stockton to help make things more exciting for competitors to particiate in the “Opens” for the Sectionals of the Games.  If you plan on competing, this is a MUST READ!  We will also be needing volunteers to help out as well, I realize you all have lives (I’m jealous), but come out and help judge, you’ll not only be supporting your friends, but you may even learn a thing or two…


CrossFit Rocklin, CrossFit 209 Sport (Stockton), and CrossFit East Sacramento are teaming up for CF Games Open Sectionals 2011.  We will be touring to all 3 facilities on Saturday’s to meet up and perform the challenges.  Our three gyms will collaborate to make sure there is enough equipment and that the day can be finished in an organized and timely fashion.

The Itenerary:
Week 1 – Saturday March 19th @ CrossFit Rocklin
Week 2 – Saturday March 26th @ CrossFit 209 Sport
Week 3 – Saturday April 2nd @ CrossFit East Sacramento
Week 4 – Saturday April 9th @ CrossFit Rocklin
Week 5 – Saturday April 16th @ CrossFit 209 Sport
Week 6 – Saturday April 23rd @ CrossFit East Sacramento

All Facilities will open for warmups at 11:00.  We, the affiliate owners, will organize heat times and judging parings.  The total time for each Saturday will be about 2 and a half hours start to finish (unless the CF gods decide to punish us with Murph or something crazy like that.)

Members of RCF, CF 209 Sport, and CFES-
Members of RCF, CF 209, and CFES will pay the one time $10 on-line registration fee to CFHQ to participate in the 6 week event, and will pay no additional fees to the affiliate. 

Garage Gym’ers/Non-members-
If anyone who is not associated with our 3 facilities wants to participate, they will pay a $15 dollar per Saturday fee to the gym hosting that week.

Schedule Conflicts:
The workouts will be released by HQ, on the sectionals website, each week on Tuesday.  Our 3 gyms will meet as a group that Saturday to do the WODs together.  It will be more fun and will offer a much more competitive environment to participate in the Saturday group workouts, but we understand that all of you will not be able to dedicate 6 consecutive Saturdays.  We do not want to lose participants over this schedule. 

For individuals who cannot make Saturday’s, or who will miss a particular Saturday, they will have the same options as all other Open Sectional competitors have.  They may film the workout and submit their time to the sectionals site, or they may go to a participating affiliate and perform the workout.  If you are traveling for a week, you will be able to use the sectional site to locate a nearby affiliate who is participating.  The affiliate is likely to charge some type of fee to do this.

Remember, if you cannot make the Saturday group session, you have may perform the workout of the week any time between when its released on Tuesday and the end of Sunday.


Now for the comment section.  Who’s in?  Don’t make me start calling you out like I have done in the past.  This is a great opportunity for all athletes at all abilities to participate.

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