An easy opportunity on how to achieve your goals…

Almost every single one of you had mentioned on your goal list you sent (for those of you that actually took the time to reflect on yourself and bodily desires) that you wanted to get better at your lifts and stronger as a whole.  Now, just because you wrote that down, and it is a great idea, it doesn’t mean it is JUST going to happen.  I have let everyone know either through mentioning it in class or through the website that we have some of the best olympic lifting coaches coming up from San Diego this weekend to offer some coaching.  IT IS EXTREMELY WORTH IT.  You set goals because you want to improve.  It takes work to improve.  Here is one of the best opportunities to become better, faster, stronger, and safer lifters!  Put a price on the sports massages, chiropractors, and IBUprofen use (most of that is due to you guys trying to rush things and not ask nearly enough questions about the lifts).  Now, compare the price you’ve spent on all that and the pain you may have endured to just a $60 private lesson (working on just your particular issues) or just $100 for an all day clinic where you will learn an incredible amount!  Space is limited so let me know ASAP! 


If it helps to validate their legitimacy, I am a student of theirs and will be getting lessons this weekend as well, as will everybody on the RCF competitive team.  Get off your butt and make it better!


Pictured above is Lynn Hunter throwing up some serious weight in the middle of the Nor Cal Sectionals last year in San Jose.  She has since increase her numbers by about 20 pounds on that lift and a good reason is because of the people coming up this weekend!  Solid improvement Lynn!

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