Rest of the week

After the testing is all complete,  there will be a chance to still get a workout in this week or do a makeup.  If you are under the age of 14 years old and did not test at all, continue to take the rest of the week off to come back stronger than ever next week (this is not an option, it is the process of periodization), for you adults, I realize that taking too much time off may be slightly detrimental.  So, there will be opportunities to still come in and train.  It’ll be an “Open” gym format to where you may make up or do your own thing.  But you must sign up for the class time just as a regular class! 


Happy training! 


Also, do not be so concerned about checking the site for your Day #2 scores… They won’t be up for several days.  And please, keep in mind that you are still just competing against your self and that it doesn’t matter how every one else is!  I realize a 1 pound gain may sound small, but just convert that to a percentage…  I would love love love to have some of your percentage gains that you are getting!  Keep it up!

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