Recap of the weekend

Well, the weekend is all done and the team competitions are done until the Regionals.  We had two teams representing RCF and a third team from RCF representing CFC.  The programming was gnarly, thanks to Blair Morrison, and the judges and volunteers really allowed to make the competition go smooth!  Thank you so much for everything!


First Event: Two and a half minutes to complete:

200 m Sled drag (135/90)

Max Reps Bench Press (men at bodyweight, women at 75%)


It was a quick one, but a lung burner!  We dominated in the benching, it must be from all those burpees we did in December!

Going in to the second event, We had both teams in the top 10, and there was some very steep competition there.


Second Event:

Decide amongst the team to where to put each person.  Ten minutes to find maxes, only one team member may do one event:

Max Weight Turkish Get-up

Max Weighted Pullup

Max Snatch

Max Height Box Jump (scored in centimeters)


This was a great event, nice and relaxed.  Wes Hutchinson hit a new PR on his snatch, granted it would not have counted for USAW standards, but for CrossFit it worked just fine.  It was pure determination that got him that weight, 220 pounds (10 pounds greater than previous best).  The weight knocked him on his knee, then on to the other knee.  All the while, still holding 220 pounds over his head in a full depth squat.  Wes got his feet squared away then pushed to the ceiling… A fight well fought!  Because of that lift, Wes received the “Spirit of CrossFit” award. 


Going in to the third and final event, both RCF teams were in the top 5!  The last event was a long one with very creative movements.  It was a total of 10 exercises and the work period was 90 seconds on and 30 seconds of rest (felt like 5 seconds rest). The movements were:

400 m Run

KB Snatch (53/35)

Double Unders (with a heavy nylon rope)

Pistol Squats

HSPU’s (guys to a depth of about 4″, and women to ground)

Wall Ball (30 pound ball to 10’/ 20 pound ball to 9′)

Deadlift (295/185)

14′ Rope Ascents

Throw a sandbag (80/50) over a wall then hop the wall

Row (Row through 30 second rest period and one more round, totalling 3:30 on the rower)


This one was very cool, not one thing was super extreme or heavy, there was just a compounding fatigue factor setting in.  The row at the end was just survival mode.  Everybody did very well, especially Ginger and Amber.  They are very new to the competition scene.  Thank you to everyone that showed their support and thank you to Justin Riley of CFES for hosting a great event. 


The overall placing of us:  One team took 5th and the other took 9th!  Solid work all!



Sunday, was the Master’s Competition held at TJ’s Gym in Novato.  Master’s is 40 and over.  There were some stud guys there.  Jim Garvin went down to represent RCF and as always, did a great job!  After the first event, a chipper WOD, Garvin was sitting in 5th.  The next event played a little to his weakness incorporating deadlifts and push jerks.  He had a great time, but his heat was blazing fast, he got knocked down a couple of spots.  Then the third event of the day was today’s WOD actually.  Grip strength became an issue and not to mention he had just gotten off a 72 hour shift the night before.  Garvin did great, not sure of overall placing, but another great representative of RCF! 


Thank you, happy training!


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