Foam roller class

Foam Rolling Workshop $40

(aka: Self Myofascial Release “SMR”)

February 19, 2011 

11:30pm – 1:30pm 


Rocklin CrossFit will be hosting

Heidi Cohen M.S.




Bring your own Foam Roller or purchase

The revolutionary GRID FOAM ROLLER →

$35 for Attendees Only (Non-Attendees: $40 + tax)



Learn the basics of foam rolling to

“Self Massage,” or release muscle

inflexibility and dysfunction.  Learn

Trigger Point Technologies concepts;

Pre-Gen & Re-Gen, as they relate to

preparing and regenerating muscles.




Integrating self myofascial release into you daily training routine will make your workouts more effective and efficient while speeding recovery and preventing injury. From weekend warrior to elite athlete, learn how to prepare your tissue to tolerate the demands placed upon it.

to sign in go to our scheduler and click workshopd and sign in like a normal class.  See you there.

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