Thank you Edgar and Evelyn!

The weekend clinic went great!  I sure enjoyed having Edgar and Evelyn fly up here to help us all out!  The explanations were great and they were able relate to everyone.  If you participated this weekend, either through the big group class on Saturday, or through a private lesson on Sunday, please email me some feedback.  Was it what you expected, did you learn anything, do you feel as though it was worth your weekend?  Please let me know.  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!


Also, if there is any interest, Edgar and Evelyn might be making there way back up here on the second weekend of March, the 12th and 13th.  Even if you took the lesson this weekend, it will still greatly benefit you to come again.  After I spent a couple days at there place, having them come back in helped me remember some things and I learned new ones.  The more you can saturate yourself with the instruction of the experts, the better you will become!


Please let me know ASAP so they can plan there trips!


Happy Training!

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