The weekend wrap up in the sunny So Cal

The Second Annual OC Throwdown has now come and gone.  It went down in beautiful Anaheim, CA this past weekend.  The conditions could not have been better with the tempurature reaching 80 degrees with beautiful skies and clear viewing of the ever so far away mountains. 


It was a long drive down there arriving in the midst of rush hour stop ‘n go traffic with pre workout hydration levels hindering our abilities to think straight in the gridlock.  It made for an even longer drive for one of our groups since the vehicle decided it liked the cold better and didn’t want to clear the Grapevine, rendering it useless and waiting for a tow truck.  It was a rough Friday of travel that lead to a late night.  The alarms went off and we met in the hotel lobby at 6 am to get to the venue for check-in and to pick what time of day we’d like to complete the “Floater WOD”. 


The competition kicked off at 8 am, the athletes were stacked in every division (men’s/women’s: Intermediate, Elite, Masters) getting ready to test their conditioning and progress leading up to the weekends’ events.  People travelled from as far as Boston and North Carolina to compete in the venue.  Previous Games competitors were there as well.  Nerves, self doubt, questions about preparedness (nutrition, conditioning, rest) ran wild throughout. 


3…2…1… GO!!!!  Thoughts go away and it’s just the athlete and the bar in front of them!  Push through exhaustion because that’s exactly what the person next to you are doing.  Thoughts of, “Just one more rep, just one more rep, I’m almost done” flutter through the mind, then oxygen deprivation kicks in leading to thoughts of, “why am I doing this, there’s no way I can keep going, I need to breath!”  Suddenly the crowd gets you back in it by “politely” screaming profanities at you to pick up that bar!


Lynn was the first one of our crew up, she set the tone with a solid 2nd place finish on the WOD (1st place was a mere 8 seconds ahead of her).  We were amped!  The day progressed with constant heats with our athletes (all 7 of them) making it a workout itself to run from event to event (spread out about 300 meters was the “Floater” WOD and the main stage).  By the end of the long day, finishing up by 7 pm, we were all spent and in need of some good food and rest! 


There was a great showing by RCF!  People there were very interested in our whereabouts and conditioning practices.  We definetly made a Nor Cal threat to the So Cal natives.  We were able to sleep in a bit for Day #2, most of us set up shop around 7:30 am and signed up for the Day #2 “Floater” WOD.  It was an RCF WOD, 6 slots were available to sign up for it, 5 of us were able to.  It was an epic display of double under control!  A sprint WOD including 150 double unders (good thing we practice them so frequently). 


The first WOD of Day #2 was a chipper.  A 17 min time cap.  Very few people were able to complete the whole thing.  Again, Lynn kicked it off for the day and was one of two people to finish it in her division!  Solid work!!  The rest of the afternoon was much easier for us, since almost all of us were able to compete at the exact same time.  Much more rest time for the crew and were able to save some much needed energy for the battle ahead. 


After the WOD, eliminations were made.  The crowd grew quiet as athletes patiently awaited for there name to be called out.  One by one, each and every athlete representing RCF was called.  Then the WOD was announced:  30 Thrusters followed by an approx 600 m run.  For Lynn-75 pounds, Garvin, Wolf-115 pounds, Valerie-100 pounds, Wes, Chad, Gary-145 pounds.  It was an all out sprint!  The 6th WOD of the weekend, legs were shot, bodies were achey, but this was all that was holding us up!  Another great showing for us! 


Final Standings:

Lynn Hunter- Women’s Masters- 2nd Place

Jim Garvin- Men’s Masters- 3rd Place

Shawn Wolf- Men’s Intermediate- 11th Place

Valerie Calhoun (the youngest by FAR at 15 and 7/8 haha)- Women’s Elite- 9th Place

Wes Hutchinson- Mens’ Elite- 24th Place

Chad Augustin- Men’s Elite- 5th Place

Gary Baron- Men’s Elite- 4th Place


The rest of the trip was just as exciting and not any easier on the body!  We went further south to train at Coach Mike Burgener’s house.  One of the best Olympic lifting coaches in the world.  We were fortunate enough to play at his house!  Edgar and Evelyn were great instructors and REALLY helped us out.  We did two, two hour sessions on both Monday and Tuesday only practicing movements for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  We all greatly appreciate every once of energy you put in to our battered and torn bodies!  Thank you so much! 


And thank you to all of you that came down to show your support for your gym!  Afterall, it is your gym, you are the reason it is still up and running! 


Thank you!


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