Competition in Southern California

The video is of 14 yr old Valerie performing in last year’s OC Throwdown.  By far the youngest and one of the smallest, yet her drive and determination dominated.  She took first place in her very first competition!  Nice Job Val!


Not all of the WOD’s are released as of yet, but here is how the RCF crew that will be headed down to the sunny OC tomorrow will be faced with!  Right up our ally!  Can’t wait…….


2011 OC ThrowDown WODs


WOD 1 – “Smoking Gun”

7 Rounds:

-4 Burpee Deadlift (Men’s Elite155/ Men’s Int/M.135, Women’s Elite 100/ Women’s Int/M.70)

-3 Burpee Power Clean

-2 Burpee Squat Clean

-1 Burpee Squat Clean and Jerk

Cutoff: 15:00

(Notes: Chest must touch bar on each burpee rep. See demo video)

WOD 2 – “Rockafella”

330m Run

Then 3 Rounds of:

20x KB swing (70#, 53/ 44#, 35)

20x Pullup

Then 330m Run

Cutoff: 15:00

Elite Men chest to bar, otherwise DNF.

Men’s Intermediate, Men’s Masters and Women Elite do 20x chin over.

Women Intermediate and women’s masters do 12x chin over.

FLOATER- “Murder”

2 Rounds of:

Push sled to 40’ line. Push back to start. Push sled to 80’ line. Push sled back to start.

Rest: :60 after first round and repeat. Score is total time including the rest time.

Cutoff 4:00

Men’s Elite 70#, Intermediate/Masters 50#,

Women’s Elite 30#, Intermediate/Masters 20#

(All three feet of the sled must cross the marked line at each marked point.  You may not turn the sled around; rather, you will hustle to the other side of the sled and push it back.  See demo video)


WOD 3- “Chippa”

50 wallballs

40 pullups

30 Ring Dips

20 Power Snatch (115/95, 75/55)

10 Burpees

20 Shoulder-Overhead (115/95, 75/55)

30 KBS

40 Box Jumps

50 Double Unders

Cutoff: 17:00

(Men’s wallballs are 20# and go to 10’. Women’s wallballs are 14# and go to 8’. Ring dips are bicep to top of ring. KBS are 70# for elite men, 53# for Int/Masters men, 35# for all women.  Box jumps are 24” for all men and 20” for all women.)


5 Rounds of:

Ground to Overhead 2x (200/165, 115/80)

Double Unders (50-40-30-20-10)

Cutoff: 7:00

ELIMINATION – After WoD #3 and the Floater

Top 24 Men’s Elite

Top 12 Women’s Elite

Top 6 Men’s Masters

Top 6 Women’s Masters

Top 24 Men’s Intermediate

Top 12 Women’s Intermediate

WoD #4 – Will be released at the com

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