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Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone had a very safe and enjoyable time last night as we brought in the new year.  Thank you everyone so much for making 2010 a very blessed year!  We couldn’t have done anything without each and every one of you, I truly thank you!


RCF has only been going since last February, but there has been some serious changes of lives.  New relationships, better bodies, education, more functionality, and of course, a whole lot of sweat and hard work leading to a tremendous amount of PR’s.  With that said, there is no off season for us, write down a couple of goals.  Some short term (perhaps three months) and maybe a year long goal.  Think of something that you really want.  Maybe it could be your first unassisted pullup, or a ring dip, maybe a 600 pound deadlift.  Whatever it may be, hold yourself accountable.  Let others know what your goals are to add more motivation instead of just your intrinsic motives.  Whatever the goal, do make it realistic, for instance if your max deadlift right now is only 200, a 600 pound goal might be a stretch for only a years’ time.  Let the trainers know what your goals are too, we can help direct you on your way to achieving them.  Classes are great to take, but for refinement of skill and increases in strength in certain areas, you may need to stay after class for a few minutes to just “practice”.  If you set a good goal, it won’t necessarily be easy, you WILL have to put in extra work.  Some of you already stay after to work on pullups, dips, double unders, or olympic lifts.  It’s awesome to see you guys trying to better yourselves.  It’s a part of what makes RCF so special.  Signing up for personals is another way to help achieve your goals.  For instance Kate and Charlie signed up for personals to work on technique on the lifts.  I have seen dramatic changes in form and strength in a very short period of time while executing proper technique and limiting potential for injury.  Keep it up guys!


Either way you do it, just get it done!  It is a very rewarding feeling to set a goal, then achieving it!  And on the selfish side of things, it is incredibly rewarding for myself to watch you guys get your goals. 


Also, we’d like to welcome back coach Monica Baughman, she is back from school and ready to get back to it, also coach Amber Rhoades is set to take her CrossFIt Level 1 Certification at the end of the month.  Please feel free to test her by asking questions related to training.  She’ll hate me for this, but it will help her to solidify the information for when she coaches others!


Thank you, and let’s bring on 2011, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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