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Amber and Amy are officially CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainers


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Olympic Lifting Lessons

So it is confirmed.  Edgar and Evelyn from Mike Burgener’s Gym are in fact coming up to put on a workshop.  They will be here February 5th and 6th.  It is short notice I realize, but it is what it is.  I strongly recommend you coming in to take lessons.  We will be capping the lessons to just 15 people, and about 6 slots are already filled.  The cost is $100, I will not reserve your spot unless I have the funds.  People from other gyms will also be trying to come in and take the lessons as well.  So, come in and reserve your spot!  The lesson will be a total of 6 hours on Saturday the 5th, dedicate your day to it!  Bring a lunch and your lifting shoes.  Sunday is open to take private lessons with them (extremely beneficial) with an exrtra fee (but you’ll have to work that out with them).  Come in and reserve your spot, Again, if you wait, you’ll miss the opportunity!!


Thank you!


Also, check out this video of persistance and dedication… Very inspirational!

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The weekend wrap up in the sunny So Cal

The Second Annual OC Throwdown has now come and gone.  It went down in beautiful Anaheim, CA this past weekend.  The conditions could not have been better with the tempurature reaching 80 degrees with beautiful skies and clear viewing of the ever so far away mountains. 


It was a long drive down there arriving in the midst of rush hour stop ‘n go traffic with pre workout hydration levels hindering our abilities to think straight in the gridlock.  It made for an even longer drive for one of our groups since the vehicle decided it liked the cold better and didn’t want to clear the Grapevine, rendering it useless and waiting for a tow truck.  It was a rough Friday of travel that lead to a late night.  The alarms went off and we met in the hotel lobby at 6 am to get to the venue for check-in and to pick what time of day we’d like to complete the “Floater WOD”. 


The competition kicked off at 8 am, the athletes were stacked in every division (men’s/women’s: Intermediate, Elite, Masters) getting ready to test their conditioning and progress leading up to the weekends’ events.  People travelled from as far as Boston and North Carolina to compete in the venue.  Previous Games competitors were there as well.  Nerves, self doubt, questions about preparedness (nutrition, conditioning, rest) ran wild throughout. 


3…2…1… GO!!!!  Thoughts go away and it’s just the athlete and the bar in front of them!  Push through exhaustion because that’s exactly what the person next to you are doing.  Thoughts of, “Just one more rep, just one more rep, I’m almost done” flutter through the mind, then oxygen deprivation kicks in leading to thoughts of, “why am I doing this, there’s no way I can keep going, I need to breath!”  Suddenly the crowd gets you back in it by “politely” screaming profanities at you to pick up that bar!


Lynn was the first one of our crew up, she set the tone with a solid 2nd place finish on the WOD (1st place was a mere 8 seconds ahead of her).  We were amped!  The day progressed with constant heats with our athletes (all 7 of them) making it a workout itself to run from event to event (spread out about 300 meters was the “Floater” WOD and the main stage).  By the end of the long day, finishing up by 7 pm, we were all spent and in need of some good food and rest! 


There was a great showing by RCF!  People there were very interested in our whereabouts and conditioning practices.  We definetly made a Nor Cal threat to the So Cal natives.  We were able to sleep in a bit for Day #2, most of us set up shop around 7:30 am and signed up for the Day #2 “Floater” WOD.  It was an RCF WOD, 6 slots were available to sign up for it, 5 of us were able to.  It was an epic display of double under control!  A sprint WOD including 150 double unders (good thing we practice them so frequently). 


The first WOD of Day #2 was a chipper.  A 17 min time cap.  Very few people were able to complete the whole thing.  Again, Lynn kicked it off for the day and was one of two people to finish it in her division!  Solid work!!  The rest of the afternoon was much easier for us, since almost all of us were able to compete at the exact same time.  Much more rest time for the crew and were able to save some much needed energy for the battle ahead. 


After the WOD, eliminations were made.  The crowd grew quiet as athletes patiently awaited for there name to be called out.  One by one, each and every athlete representing RCF was called.  Then the WOD was announced:  30 Thrusters followed by an approx 600 m run.  For Lynn-75 pounds, Garvin, Wolf-115 pounds, Valerie-100 pounds, Wes, Chad, Gary-145 pounds.  It was an all out sprint!  The 6th WOD of the weekend, legs were shot, bodies were achey, but this was all that was holding us up!  Another great showing for us! 


Final Standings:

Lynn Hunter- Women’s Masters- 2nd Place

Jim Garvin- Men’s Masters- 3rd Place

Shawn Wolf- Men’s Intermediate- 11th Place

Valerie Calhoun (the youngest by FAR at 15 and 7/8 haha)- Women’s Elite- 9th Place

Wes Hutchinson- Mens’ Elite- 24th Place

Chad Augustin- Men’s Elite- 5th Place

Gary Baron- Men’s Elite- 4th Place


The rest of the trip was just as exciting and not any easier on the body!  We went further south to train at Coach Mike Burgener’s house.  One of the best Olympic lifting coaches in the world.  We were fortunate enough to play at his house!  Edgar and Evelyn were great instructors and REALLY helped us out.  We did two, two hour sessions on both Monday and Tuesday only practicing movements for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  We all greatly appreciate every once of energy you put in to our battered and torn bodies!  Thank you so much! 


And thank you to all of you that came down to show your support for your gym!  Afterall, it is your gym, you are the reason it is still up and running! 


Thank you!


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Competition in Southern California

The video is of 14 yr old Valerie performing in last year’s OC Throwdown.  By far the youngest and one of the smallest, yet her drive and determination dominated.  She took first place in her very first competition!  Nice Job Val!


Not all of the WOD’s are released as of yet, but here is how the RCF crew that will be headed down to the sunny OC tomorrow will be faced with!  Right up our ally!  Can’t wait…….


2011 OC ThrowDown WODs


WOD 1 – “Smoking Gun”

7 Rounds:

-4 Burpee Deadlift (Men’s Elite155/ Men’s Int/M.135, Women’s Elite 100/ Women’s Int/M.70)

-3 Burpee Power Clean

-2 Burpee Squat Clean

-1 Burpee Squat Clean and Jerk

Cutoff: 15:00

(Notes: Chest must touch bar on each burpee rep. See demo video)

WOD 2 – “Rockafella”

330m Run

Then 3 Rounds of:

20x KB swing (70#, 53/ 44#, 35)

20x Pullup

Then 330m Run

Cutoff: 15:00

Elite Men chest to bar, otherwise DNF.

Men’s Intermediate, Men’s Masters and Women Elite do 20x chin over.

Women Intermediate and women’s masters do 12x chin over.

FLOATER- “Murder”

2 Rounds of:

Push sled to 40’ line. Push back to start. Push sled to 80’ line. Push sled back to start.

Rest: :60 after first round and repeat. Score is total time including the rest time.

Cutoff 4:00

Men’s Elite 70#, Intermediate/Masters 50#,

Women’s Elite 30#, Intermediate/Masters 20#

(All three feet of the sled must cross the marked line at each marked point.  You may not turn the sled around; rather, you will hustle to the other side of the sled and push it back.  See demo video)


WOD 3- “Chippa”

50 wallballs

40 pullups

30 Ring Dips

20 Power Snatch (115/95, 75/55)

10 Burpees

20 Shoulder-Overhead (115/95, 75/55)

30 KBS

40 Box Jumps

50 Double Unders

Cutoff: 17:00

(Men’s wallballs are 20# and go to 10’. Women’s wallballs are 14# and go to 8’. Ring dips are bicep to top of ring. KBS are 70# for elite men, 53# for Int/Masters men, 35# for all women.  Box jumps are 24” for all men and 20” for all women.)


5 Rounds of:

Ground to Overhead 2x (200/165, 115/80)

Double Unders (50-40-30-20-10)

Cutoff: 7:00

ELIMINATION – After WoD #3 and the Floater

Top 24 Men’s Elite

Top 12 Women’s Elite

Top 6 Men’s Masters

Top 6 Women’s Masters

Top 24 Men’s Intermediate

Top 12 Women’s Intermediate

WoD #4 – Will be released at the com

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Level 10-Fall Strength Challenge

RCF brought about 10 athletes to the competition and most got in the top 10.  The competition consisted of 5 very intense, grueling workouts testing unique movements and exercises we don’t typically perform in the facility…  That, however, does not mean our RCF bodies were unprepared.  The hard work and dedication of each athlete, competing or not shows just how bad ass RCF truly is! 


It is a bit of a longer video, but it is pretty awesome!  Check it out if you have the time to do so.


Thank you!

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Video viewing is now up on the site!!!  This quick video is from the annual event, “Fran-Off” held in Walnut Creek at CrossFit Sweatshop. 

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What is CrossFit?

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Email and Scheduling

I have put all you in the new system, so scheduling SHOULD be even easier now…  Key word is should, I am still working the  company to figure out the bugs.  Those of you that have lost your passwords, the tech support peeps say to click on the “forgot your password” link, then once the email comes in, to shut down any other window…  They said it is a common problem amongst the program and that other facilities are having the same issue. 


Again, please please please be patient, as you have thus far, I thank you for that.  Also, the automatic deduction system should be good to go, just bring in a voided check and we get get it done!


The email you received is just a validation of you being put into the system, don’t worry, I realize it is a receipt, but you are not being charged for anything that you haven’t already paid for.


Thank you so much, now go enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone had a very safe and enjoyable time last night as we brought in the new year.  Thank you everyone so much for making 2010 a very blessed year!  We couldn’t have done anything without each and every one of you, I truly thank you!


RCF has only been going since last February, but there has been some serious changes of lives.  New relationships, better bodies, education, more functionality, and of course, a whole lot of sweat and hard work leading to a tremendous amount of PR’s.  With that said, there is no off season for us, write down a couple of goals.  Some short term (perhaps three months) and maybe a year long goal.  Think of something that you really want.  Maybe it could be your first unassisted pullup, or a ring dip, maybe a 600 pound deadlift.  Whatever it may be, hold yourself accountable.  Let others know what your goals are to add more motivation instead of just your intrinsic motives.  Whatever the goal, do make it realistic, for instance if your max deadlift right now is only 200, a 600 pound goal might be a stretch for only a years’ time.  Let the trainers know what your goals are too, we can help direct you on your way to achieving them.  Classes are great to take, but for refinement of skill and increases in strength in certain areas, you may need to stay after class for a few minutes to just “practice”.  If you set a good goal, it won’t necessarily be easy, you WILL have to put in extra work.  Some of you already stay after to work on pullups, dips, double unders, or olympic lifts.  It’s awesome to see you guys trying to better yourselves.  It’s a part of what makes RCF so special.  Signing up for personals is another way to help achieve your goals.  For instance Kate and Charlie signed up for personals to work on technique on the lifts.  I have seen dramatic changes in form and strength in a very short period of time while executing proper technique and limiting potential for injury.  Keep it up guys!


Either way you do it, just get it done!  It is a very rewarding feeling to set a goal, then achieving it!  And on the selfish side of things, it is incredibly rewarding for myself to watch you guys get your goals. 


Also, we’d like to welcome back coach Monica Baughman, she is back from school and ready to get back to it, also coach Amber Rhoades is set to take her CrossFIt Level 1 Certification at the end of the month.  Please feel free to test her by asking questions related to training.  She’ll hate me for this, but it will help her to solidify the information for when she coaches others!


Thank you, and let’s bring on 2011, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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