Why are you here?

Why are you here?  Its a simple question, you paid money to train here, the reason is out there…  Is it to become leaner?  Faster?  Stronger?  To kill some time?  What is it?


It must be a good reason.  The training you receive is definitely NOT easy.  Although, all too often, I see too much goofing off in the midst of an actual WOD.  Trust me, I am all about having a good time, especially when working out, but there is a time and a place for it.  During the warm up and rest periods, sure…  Have fun!  I encourage it!  Just make sure the drills and exercises are being done with proper fundamentals.  If not, not only will the coach call you out on it, but you then become at risk for injury to either yourself or others, plus the onset of potentially terrible habits. 


What I am trying to say here is simple, when it’s time to turn it on, DO IT!  Crank up the intensity and get after it.  Evaluate why you are here…  The WOD’s are timed or recorded, everybody has a slight competitive nature to them, but at the expense of what?  Results…  I find myself doing the same thing, I’ll get a little discouraged in a WOD when somebody else, or the bulk of the class, is smokin’ me, but at the same time, the weights or reps may not be the same. 


Again, why are you here?  I know this is redundant, but is it?  It is okay if you don’t finish first on the WOD.  Some of you are now going heavier with the lifts, or unassisted with the pullups.  That is an incredible thing!  You should feel great, not discouraged when you finish a WOD towards the last of everyone.  Think of all the things you are capable of doing, that 99% of the population could not even imagine! 


Keep up the hard work, it does pay off!  Pictured above is Clayton Butler.  I have had the pleasure of working with him since I first started as a personal trainer at my “globo-gym”, followed me to my garage gyms, and is one of the main influences for me to actually get in to CrossFit.  He is very goal oriented and virtually stops at nothing.  He may not finish first in every WOD, he might even finish last, but where he soars, is the fact that he WILL perform at that next level.  He WILL work with a weight that is very uncomfortably heavy.  He WILL go until complete failure (on more than one occasion).  On today’s WOD, Clayton opted to use the new addition to the gym, the chains.  In the picture, they do not appear very challenging, but if you have any idea how hard they are, you’d understand. Kudos to you bud!


Point is, GET AFTER IT!  It’s all about self improvement in a competitive environment.



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