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There seems to be some confusion on the online scheduler.  It will be a great program once all the bugs get worked out, but meanwhile, please be patient.  If you have not set up an account yet, do so.  Click the “schedule” tab in the menu bar, and towards the top right of the schedule, you should see some empty boxes to put in your username and password.  Directly under those boxes are two links, one being to create an account, and the other for if you forgot your password.  Create your account, and it will then direct you the rest of the way.  Now, because you have already paid for your membership, towards the end of the setup process, an icon will pop up.  It’ll say “register as unpaid” please click that!  Now you are good to go to schedule online!  It does work for you smartphone, it didn’t before, but that problem has been resolved. 


Thank you for your patience!

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Memorial WOD for Capt. Terry Gee of the Sacramento City Fire Dept.

Early Monday December 21st, Fire Captain Terrence Gee, passed away. He was surrounded by his immediate family in his home. In February of this year, Terrence was diagnosed with cancer. He leaves behind is wife Nancy of twenty-four years, son Samuel age twenty-two, and daughter Amanda age twenty, as well as, a great number of other family and friends.

Terry began his career in the fire service with Sacramento Fire Department in February 1985. He spent a significant portion of his career assigned to Station 57 where he worked with his dear friend, Captain Bob Kiehne. In December 2005, Terry promoted to the rank of Fire Captain and worked at a number of stations; however his most recent assignment prior to illness was Station 60.

In addition to his work with the Sacramento Fire Department, Captain Gee was an elected Member of the Board of Directors for the Florin Fire District. In that role he guided the District through the merger with the American River Fire District in 1997. “Terry Gee was a tireless advocate for both the District and the residents it served. Without his leadership and perseverance the merger between AmericanRiver and Florin Fire Districts would not have occurred” said Rick Martinez, retired Fire Chief for both Districts. Following that merger Captain Gee continued to support the regionalization of the fire service which led to the creation of the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

Donations for his family are also being accepted, if you’d like to donate, please bring to class.

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Schedule Update

The 6:00 pm class tonight, Dec. 27th, is cancelled.  If you were planning on attending that class, you should have signed up for it!  Hop in the 5:00 pm.  And as of now, the 6:00 pm class tomorrow, Dec. 28th, is cancelled as well until other classes fill!


Thank you.

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Is Santa Sick? He Needs to Join RCF

By Robin Nixon


He is overweight, constantly flushed, trying to accomplish a superhuman feat – and may be using cookies to deal with the stress.

Should we be worried about Santa’s health? [ Santa Claus: The Real Man Behind the Myth ]

In advance of his epic journey on Christmas Eve, we asked a doctor to give him a checkup.

Red nose and cheeks
While some may attribute a ruddy appearance to fever or worse (too much mulled wine?), Dr. Rachel Vreeman of the Indiana University School of Medicine thinks Santa’s rosy complexion is likely benign.

“Santa Claus may have rosacea,” Vreeman said, “which is actually pretty common, especially in people who are fair.” Rosacea is a chronic but usually harmless condition that typically causes redness in the middle of the face.

While for some people, rosacea may be triggered by certain foods and drinks, in Santa’s case, Vreeman suspects it is caused by being out in the cold wind.

“Most likely it is his hearty lifestyle outside in the sleigh,” she said. “It could also just be chapped skin.”

Mono risk from kissing?
Kissing more people can raise the risk of passing infections, Vreeman said. And not only is Santa kissing mommies worldwide, but his lap is visited by millions of sniffling children each December.

To reduce his risk of getting sick, Vreeman advised Santa to wash his hands often and to avoid kissing mommies who are coughing and sneezing. But she isn’t overly worried about him catching mono, the flu or other infections.

“Santa is so happy and full of joy, he may be more resistant to coughs and colds,” she said, explaining that positive attitudes may provide some health protection.

Even the jolliest gift-giver can get worn out by the effort. And here is Santa, working year-round and pulling at least one all-nighter to satisfy the wishes of the world’s children. An overachiever, he takes his job very seriously, regularly checking in with parents across the globe and constantly updating mile-long lists to keep track of who is naughty and who is nice.  

Surely the stress puts Santa at risk for cardiovascular disease, migraines, depression and other disorders linked to taxing lifestyles?

Not so, Vreeman said. People who feel a sense of purpose at work tend to be healthier. “So even though Santa is a very hard worker, the other characteristics of his job probably protect his health.”

Mrs. Claus is likely also instrumental in helping keep Santa’s stress levels manageable, Vreeman said, explaining that studies suggest stable and happy marriages provide significant health benefits.

And recently, Santa dramatically cut his health risks by kicking his nicotine addiction — a step Vreeman praised, noting that pictures of St. Nick enjoying a pipe are now hard to find.

A belly that shakes when he laughs, like a bowl full of …
The doctor’s only concern about Santa’s health is his body mass index, or BMI. He falls into the “obese” category, and his large waist-to-hip ratio could reduce his life expectancy, Vreeman said.

That is, if he weren’t immortal.

Still, she explained, “we would like to keep his heart healthy and help him avoid diabetes.”

Santa does not need to give up cookies and milk, but eating them at every house worldwide may be a little excessive, Vreeman said. That said, holiday treats are not the cause of Santa’s weight problem.

It’s what he is doing year-round that counts, Vreeman said, emphasizing exercise as well as a healthy diet.

“Santa does get some exercise sleigh-guiding and hopping down chimneys,” Vreeman said, but he should find ways to exercise the rest of the year, too.

Good cheer, good health
Overall, the doctor gave Santa a clean bill of health and cleared him for duty this Christmas Eve.

“Clearly, Santa’s happy, jolly demeanor shows that he likes what he does,” Vreeman said, adding that he manages to balance his intense but purposeful work life with a happy home life, hanging out with Mrs. Claus and the elves.

Vreeman’s only advice to Santa was to resolve this New Year’s to work more movement into his regular routine, whether it is by skiing the Arctic slopes, riding Rudolph or joining Mrs. Claus for Bikram yoga classes.

“In the midst of his generosity, he needs to take care of himself as well,” she said.

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Browser Issues

So, it has come to my attention that some browsers are not displaying the scheduler…  If possible, use “Firefox” as your web browser instead of “Internet explorer”.  For those of you that do not wish to use that, or if you are a “Safari” user, follow these steps:

Go to-


click, “clients” in menu bar


type in “rocklin crossfit” for business name


click the link then save the URL either as a desktop shortcut, or in a folder to make scheduling a breeze.


Thank you!

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Holiday Schedule

Holiday schedule:


Open Friday morning for the 8, 9, and upon client demands, a 10.


Reopen back on Sunday at 10


Thank you!

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It’s FINALLY Up and Running!

Online scheduler and bill pay is up and running!  Thank you for being patient, and I am still working out some of the bugs, so more patience may be needed.  But, we will be getting rid of the archaic existing scheduler on the desk.  Please use the program to sign up!  Create an account, and when it comes time to submit, it will ask to sign up with payment and has the capabilities to do EFT, if you are ccurrently alread paid up, then click on the “register as unpaid” icon. 



Thank you for your patience!

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Why are you here?

Why are you here?  Its a simple question, you paid money to train here, the reason is out there…  Is it to become leaner?  Faster?  Stronger?  To kill some time?  What is it?


It must be a good reason.  The training you receive is definitely NOT easy.  Although, all too often, I see too much goofing off in the midst of an actual WOD.  Trust me, I am all about having a good time, especially when working out, but there is a time and a place for it.  During the warm up and rest periods, sure…  Have fun!  I encourage it!  Just make sure the drills and exercises are being done with proper fundamentals.  If not, not only will the coach call you out on it, but you then become at risk for injury to either yourself or others, plus the onset of potentially terrible habits. 


What I am trying to say here is simple, when it’s time to turn it on, DO IT!  Crank up the intensity and get after it.  Evaluate why you are here…  The WOD’s are timed or recorded, everybody has a slight competitive nature to them, but at the expense of what?  Results…  I find myself doing the same thing, I’ll get a little discouraged in a WOD when somebody else, or the bulk of the class, is smokin’ me, but at the same time, the weights or reps may not be the same. 


Again, why are you here?  I know this is redundant, but is it?  It is okay if you don’t finish first on the WOD.  Some of you are now going heavier with the lifts, or unassisted with the pullups.  That is an incredible thing!  You should feel great, not discouraged when you finish a WOD towards the last of everyone.  Think of all the things you are capable of doing, that 99% of the population could not even imagine! 


Keep up the hard work, it does pay off!  Pictured above is Clayton Butler.  I have had the pleasure of working with him since I first started as a personal trainer at my “globo-gym”, followed me to my garage gyms, and is one of the main influences for me to actually get in to CrossFit.  He is very goal oriented and virtually stops at nothing.  He may not finish first in every WOD, he might even finish last, but where he soars, is the fact that he WILL perform at that next level.  He WILL work with a weight that is very uncomfortably heavy.  He WILL go until complete failure (on more than one occasion).  On today’s WOD, Clayton opted to use the new addition to the gym, the chains.  In the picture, they do not appear very challenging, but if you have any idea how hard they are, you’d understand. Kudos to you bud!


Point is, GET AFTER IT!  It’s all about self improvement in a competitive environment.



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Grand Opening WOD and BBQ!

Nothing to do on Sunday afternoon?  A Rocklin CrossFit friend is having a grand opening WOD and BBQ at his new CrossFit gym, CrossFit Stompin Ground.  The grand opening is going to be Dec. 5th, starting at 11:00 a.m.  We will be doing a team style of workouts and then have a BBQ to follow. 


Please let me know if you are interested in participating, for he would like a head count to avoid any kind of logistical nightmares!  If you would like to just go for the BBQ and support the unveiling of his new box, please do so, but still let me know! 


The food and the workouts are free, but will be accepting donations for Eric Wiggins, a Sac City Firefighter suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 


Hope to see you there!


CrossFit Stompin Ground

7627 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA

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