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It’s that time again… Testing!

Pictured above is Chad, Gary, and Wes on Saturday at the “Fran-Off” competition in Walnut Creek.  As it turns out, this pre-comp photo wound up being the exact placing at the end of the day.  Chad-1st, Gary-2nd, Wes-3rd. 


Now for the real stuff, Testing.  This time ’round is going to be a bit different, the holiday week interferes with the schedule of events.  The 3 day testing process will now be changed slightly and accomplished in just 2 days.  There will less focus on the shorter WOD’s and a shift to more stamina ridden WOD’s.  


DAY #1:                                       DAY #2:

Max Snatch                                  Max Reps Pullups

Max Clean                                    Max Dips (Pushups-60 secs)

2 Rep Max OHS                            2 Min Toes to Bar

Max Deadlift                                “Fight Gone Bad”

2 Min Double Unders

3K Row*

*Max Shoulder to OH

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wws Championship Video

A nice video presented by Moncia Calhoun, Valerie’s mother.  This video showcases the Weekend Warrior Series Championship held on Saturday, October 30th at CrossFit San Carlos.  It was a great event with even better showmanship.  RCF brought it to the house.  Thank you Monica for taking the time to put this video together, the still shots in the video were taken by Michelle Habenicht… Thank you all. 


And thank you everyone for your support of the competitions and of course, thank you for the support of RCF!  We truly appreciate it!  Check out the link, it’s about a 14 min video, but is a good one!


Happy training!

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Competitions and Testing

Pic above from the WWS championships… Valerie Calhoun by far the youngest of any competitor and doing what she does best… Taking care of the competition!


The results are finally posted from this previous weekends’ “Fall Strength Challenge” held at CrossFit Level 10 in Oroville, CA.  RCF had a huge showing of support and athletes in the competition.  This weekend was the first individual multi event competition for three of us…  I am so proud of everyone!  It was a blast to coach and participate, thank you so very much for leaving it all out on the floor, including shorts (Shawn Wolf).  Follow the link for the for the results page.  As mentioned before, we sent 10 athletes to compete:

Shawn Wolf            Wes Hutchinson

Todd Weygandt      Jim Garvin

Chad Augustin        Trent McKernan

Jennie McKernan     Lynn Hunter

Amber Rhoades      Gary Baron


Next competition is this Saturday.  It is the third annual “Fran-Off”, yes that’s right… It’s a Fran tournement.  There will be a random selection of partners for the day and it’s a face-off against another team.  The potential of the day is to do Fran 5 TIMES!!!!!! 


Wish us luck, and if you happen to have nothing to do on Saturday the 13th, make the commute to CrossFit Sweatshop in Walnut Creek.  It is a nice facility, in fact this is the facility where RCF’er Jim Garvin had his first competition last year… He unfortunately will be missing this weekend, he is being drug to a Notre Dame football game instead of doing Fran.


On another note, “Testing Week” happens to fall during the week of Thanksgiving.  I need YOUR input.  Would you like it to occur that week, or delay it one week?  If there is a majority of people out of town that week, let me know, I want everybody to participate!  What you can measure, you can improve!!!



Happy Training!


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