Okay, this is a fun week, but some people are losing sight on the importance of the week.  I realize I am trying to make this week similar to a competition.  I understand that you are comparing yourselves against everyone else.  Mistakes will be made, I am sorry!  I may write down the wrong number or score, some of you may not get to a particular lift or movement due to injury.  It’s okay!  DO NOT LOSE SIGHT ON THE IMPORTANCE OF THE TESTING PROCESS!!  It’s about self improvement.  Every single person has out lifted their previous scores, endurance has improved, and coordination has improved.  That is what it is ALL about! 


Whining doesn’t get people anywhere.  I am sorry if I made a mistake.  If it was a legit competition, every individual athlete would have their own judge.  To shed light on the amount of work I do behind the scenes for testing, my schedule yesterday was me being at the gym from 5:oo am til 10:00 pm.  So I do apologize if I make a mistake.  I love the testing week for you guys.  Its a blast to see people reach their goals and set records.  If you are THAT in to the competition factor, it is up to you to ensure I have the exact scores and loads.  Please help me help you!


Remember, this is to measure progress!


Happy Training

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