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Benefit to Help Elk Grove Food Bank

“Fittest in Elk Grove” competition.  This event is being hosted by Charlie Zamorra of WarriorZ Fitness based out of Elk Grove.  Charlie has described this event as a multiple WOD throwdown style event in which participants will compete to be named the fittest in Elk Grove.  There will be multiple CrossFit affiliates in attendance and we would like to send as many athletes out as possible with such short notice.  Charlie has apologized for the short notice, but I assured him that we would rather be invited late than never.

Proceeds for this event will go to the Elk Grove Food Bank.  This event is just in time for the busy Thanksgiving weekend that the food bank sees on an annual basis.  If you have it in your means to donate — even if you cannot participate, please contact Charlie at the phone number listed above to make your donation.

This event is planned to run rain or shine so plan accordingly.  Bring your cold weather gear and be prepared to hit a couple of CrossFit style WODs as hard as possible.  This is one of those events that will continue to define the culture of the CrossFit community in the greater Sacramento area (most info on this was taken from CFWS, thank you).


On the short notice, we do have Chad and Gary confirmed with a few maybes (childcare dependent).  So, competing or not, get your rear in gear and support the community!  Again, IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!!  No excuses!

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