Playdate and Scheduling

Pictured above was yesterday’s “playdate” with some of the fittest around the greater Sacramento area to come in to train together.  Thank you all for showing up making this a great time!  People travelled from Elk Grove, Vacaville, Manteca, Sacramento, and other areas.  A few people had to leave early and were not able to get the group photo taken.  Thanks again all, that was a blast!


Finally, the online scheduling is available!  Not quite all of the bugs are worked out just yet, but be patient.  Create an account and you will be able to schedule class days and times at your convenience (and with your day planner in front of you).  Once you are scheduling your time, click the “click here to register as unpaid” icon.  This will just be temporary until we get the online payment and automated EFT established. 


Thank you for your patience.  Also, please be alert that the Testing days are in fact 90 min long classes, as opposed to the normal 60 min classes. 


Happy Training!

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