It’s that time again… Testing!

Pictured above is Chad, Gary, and Wes on Saturday at the “Fran-Off” competition in Walnut Creek.  As it turns out, this pre-comp photo wound up being the exact placing at the end of the day.  Chad-1st, Gary-2nd, Wes-3rd. 


Now for the real stuff, Testing.  This time ’round is going to be a bit different, the holiday week interferes with the schedule of events.  The 3 day testing process will now be changed slightly and accomplished in just 2 days.  There will less focus on the shorter WOD’s and a shift to more stamina ridden WOD’s.  


DAY #1:                                       DAY #2:

Max Snatch                                  Max Reps Pullups

Max Clean                                    Max Dips (Pushups-60 secs)

2 Rep Max OHS                            2 Min Toes to Bar

Max Deadlift                                “Fight Gone Bad”

2 Min Double Unders

3K Row*

*Max Shoulder to OH

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