Just how committed are you to getting better health?

Truly ask yourself, how committed are you to getting better health?  There are some serious health issues in today’s society that will dramatically impede the quality of life at an early age; onset of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, and osteoporosis to name a few.  But why wait until the symptoms are already there?  Sounds like an easy fix, start exercising and eating right.  Most people SAY they are committed to living better, but can you give up “fixes” that help to get you through that rough day?  Perhaps those “fixes” are habitual now, or are from a social setting that you partake in the activities.  It could even be as simple as eating while cooking dinner or making a dessert.  People don’t quite realize the added calories they consume while doing that.  NO, I am not saying to do the menial task counting your calories, nor am I saying to be a hermit and stay in while your friends are going out dancing or to the clubs.  I am saying to simply stand by your word!  People are all talk these days.  They say things that they deep down inside realize what is best, but the follow through is lacking.


Small steps is all that is necessary.  Every single person that is a member of RCF will get after any WOD.  I love it!  However, most don’t realize that the nutrient content and intake of the previous day or two will significantly alter the outcome of the WOD.  If you are fighting obesity, or trying to increase your tonicity, don’t over indulge.  Most every single person has a weakness and knows just what that weakness is.  Mine, for instance is sweets.  I love candy, cakes, pies, ice cream, etc.  However, its all about self control.  If you know what triggers it, attack those triggers and not the cheesecake.  Sweets are a weakness, I just don’t buy them.  People knowing those weaknesses may try and tempt you, be stubborn, prove a point!  When somebody waves that weakness in front of your face, that’s when its 3,2,1 go and the mindset of “killin’ that WOD” needs to come in to dig deep. 


Since the Living Social promo we had, we have had many people come in that have no idea what CrossFit actually is or the challenges that will be faced.  Three people from that, to my knowledge, are smokers.  All of them since starting have said, of course mid WOD, “I HAVE to stop smoking, these burpees are KILLING me!”  So I tell them, that it is my goal for them to stop smoking, regardless if they remain a client once the promo has finished or not.  Again, MOST people are all talk.  It is hard work to give up something you love, or to break bad habits.  This morning, after I have had many talks with the smokers regarding quitting, one came in for the 9:00 a.m. class with his last four packs of cigarettes.  He is pumped and so am I.  It is not going to be an easy task to clear the lungs out and control his cravings, but CrossFit has helped inspire him to live better.  


So, for the one’s that have quit, let’s encourage them on their path to a better quality of life.  Let’s have an open ear in case they need to vent out a craving, let’s push them on that last 400 m Run.  In fact, let’s do that for every single person here.  Testing week is coming up in just a few short weeks, the Fall Cycle has been flying bye, as we all know, Testing Week is brutal, but a great experience and quite like the competitions that you see us doing.  It is your chance to compete not only against your friends, but more importantly, against yourselves.  I have already put the challenge on to a couple of clients, that challenge is to not have any alcohol for at least two weeks prior to testing.   Let’s keep our bodies clean and healthy, who’s up for a tobacco, alcohol, and gluten free two weeks?  Let’s do it and see just how much better we feel!  Strength will improve as will the times on WOD’s while shredding more body fat. 


Again, just how committed are you to getting better health?

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