Hell Week

This is the 12th and final week of the Summer cycle here at RCF.  You know what that means?  The week to follow is testing week, or since last time of doing it, “Hell Week!”  At the close of the Spring cycle, we adopted the new standard of testing, creating an in house competition.  It was awesome!  People were able to train with others that don’t normally get train together based on the scheduling.  Extreme encouragement and heart was brought by all, not to mention some very impressive numbers put up as well.  This time around is going to be so much better too!  To help get a better reading to whom is the fittest in the facility, I added a third day of testing.  It’s going to be a battle of epic proportions!  I have been hearing people speak of testing week lately with excitement (and maybe a little fear too) all in hopes of having a better showing in the friendly competition.  More importantly, showing improvement and seeing measurable results for the past 12 weeks of intense, consistent training.  Of course, we will still have the NIKE SPARQ testing for anyone that wants to do it, but that is geared for the youth athletes in here (under 14 years old).  The movements and WOD’s to be tested are:                       



Shoulder to Overhead


2 Rep OHS


Ring Dips

2 Min Double Unders for Reps

2 Min Toes to Bar for Reps

500 m Row




“Fight Gone Bad”


Official schedule will be posted within a few days, class times will also be slightly longer than last time to ensure a more relaxed, pressure free environment to allow the athlete time to focus.  You may be noticing a tapering down in the programming this week, not quite as hard, or long of WOD’s.  I want everyone next week to be as fresh as can be! 


Last time, the winners were Wes Hutchinson and 15 year old Valerie Calhoun, watch out guys, people will be gunnin’ for ya!

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