Pictue of the Sac City Fire Team.  Todd Weygandt, Jim Garvin, Chad Augustin, and Lynn Hunter.  They competed not only in the individual competition, but the team as well.  The team took silver, nice representation for the city, but more importantly, for RCF.  Also in the picture, the 2009 CrossFit Games ,Fittest Athlete on the Planet, Mikko Salo from Finland, Salo took 6th this year at the Games too. 



Due to the fact that we have an abundance of people signing up for the morning classes to beat the heat, I am opening up an 8:00 a.m. class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  This is the first week of it, we will be having it for the duration of the Summer Cycle.  With that, the Summer Cycle is almost over!  Time is flying by with all these fun WOD’s. 


Since the end of the cycle is near, you know what that means…  It’s testing week!  If you recall, testing week was turned in to a competition last time.  I expect huge improvements across the board.  Again, we will be measuring the max efforts in many different domains.  There will be one rep max in several lifts, benchmark WOD’s, coordination drills such as 2 minutes of double unders, and if you hit the right test times, 40 yd dash, vertical jump, standing broad jump, and pro agility will be tested as well.  


Last time was incredible, tons of heart and sweat was poured out on to the floor.  The gym glistened with camaraderie and teamwork, many newbies were brought in that week and felt the true meaning of a CrossFit gym.  We have all been the newbie and have all experienced the feeling of post WOD layout.  I can’t wait to see the improvements made over this 12 week cycle.


What you can measure, you can improve!

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