Pictured: Wes Hutchinson, his typical post WOD break area.  Trying to go back to sleep after rippin the 5 a.m. class! Gotta love the wet grass!


So, I decided to be the guinnea pig for our test days.  Get your rest!  I was able to complete all of the “Day #1” within the allotted one hour class.  It was absolutely horrible!!!!  Much to my dismay, I actually PR’ed on 4 of the 6 events.  Of course, I have never attempted max double unders for two minutes, so I am not counting that.  I must have been in a terrible mood when I decided to put this together for our test week.  There will be an adjustment to the WOD, the finisher, “Fran”, will be lighter weight regardless if you have a fresh, Sub 3:00 “Fran” time.  It took me literally double the time to finish “Fran” than previous attempts.  Classes may also run slightly longer than one hour, dependent upon how many show. 


Some people are worried and complaining that the testing is too hard and in no way going to represent the body’s true physical condition.  That argument is only accurate for the last part, “Fran”, that is why the load has been reduced.  So why then, am I programming all this to be done in one hour?  Well, different metabolic pathways are being utilized and tested.  For one, this test is for efficiency of movement to find your one rep max on three events.  The body will not be physically taxed in just a few reps.  The ATP stores will replenish very rapidlly.  Coordination, agility, and rhythm are being tested for simply two minutes in the double unders.  Many people can do double unders, yet lack the ability to stay consistent for a full two minutes.  Lastly, the variable time aspect.  “Grace” and “Fran” will test pure determination and mental strength.  True, your “Fran” time is not going to be as good as fresh.  However, it is the intrinsic motivational factors that need to rise to the challenge.  After the Summer cycle ends, we will test the same exact way.  So in 12 weeks, you will be able to see exactly what this program is doing to you.  I gaurantee your loads will increase, reps will improve, and times on the WOD’s will drop. 


I will be scoring these tests and create a leaderboard category.  The tests will be scored as followed:

For Max Load, the total weight lifted is your score


Double Unders, pullup, and ring dips for reps

A great number to shoot for is 1000!  I will be producing some T-shirts for the “1000 Club” (This helps to separate and even the playing field for those big power lifters that can’t perform bodyweight exercises and vice versa)

And of course a “Test Week” benchmark WOD times.  

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