This is the 12th and last week of the Spring Cycle.  There have been numerous “PR’s” (or personal records) set for every one of our athletes.  Yes, class is tough, the WOD’s are brutal and most times make you question why you are even doing them.  However, when it is all said and done, reflect on what you accomplished.  YOU are the one doing the work, not the coaches.  YOU are the one getting the results.  YOU are the one that decides to come in after a long day when you are tired.  YOU are the one that is making the difference in life for a healthy community.  Keep up the great work!  I can simply program the WOD’s and ask that you do them, it is ALL you.  So with that, Rocklin CrossFit is absolutely nothing without you.  THANK YOU for everything.


In the past, at the end of the cycle, the facility was essentially shut down with the exception of “testing”.  This time round will be different.  We will still be doing the post cycle testing.  The young athletes will be doing the basics, as it applies directly to their sport: kneeling med ball toss (upper body explositivity), vertical and broad jump (lower body explositivity), pro agility (multi directiona speed and agility), and 40 yd dash (speed).

For the adults however, in the past, no classes were taught.  This time though, it’s gonna be hell!  I will post the testing schedule later this week and testing will include: finding max load in the snatch, clean, jerk, and deadlift; finding max reps of pullups, ring dips, and double unders in two minutes; lastly, 500 meter row, Diane, Fran, Elizabeth, Grace, and Isabel. 


This is going to be a blast, gear up this week and get after it, Summer is around the corner and there is some fun to be had!


Also, our artwork is finally done and our signs are up.  T-Shirts will be avaible by the end of this week as well.  For you women out there, let me know what kind of “cut” shirt you like, I want the clothing to be comfortable for you and for you to WANT to wear it! 


One last announcement: This Saturday, the 22nd, Roseville Fire Department is putting on a charity event at the Fountains in Roseville.  It is a BBQ and Brew Fest.  Rocklin CrossFit made a donation to it and is setting up a pop tent at the event.  So if you’ve nothing to do on Saturday, come by for some good food, live bands, fun and hang out with the crew!  Tickets are just $25 and proceeds benefit local programs in our community.

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