What true CrossFitters do post competition whom aren’t old enough for the typical CrossFit adult beverage… Valerie Calhoun, a.k.a. “The O.C.” and “220” enjoys a mammoth sized snow cone after the Games this weekend in Irvine.  Valerie was by far the youngest athlete out there and absolutely dominated in her event!  She put forth major heart, athleticism, drive, and determination in her contribution to the team workouts.  Rocklin CrossFit wound up taking 13th place overall out of approximately 70 teams.  The team consisted of:

Todd Weygandt

Jim Garvin

Chad Augustine

Valerie Calhoun

Lynn Hunter

Ashley Bakken


On the individual side, Gary Baron wound up in 14th position overall.  Unfortunately for both, the team and individual, the placings were not high enough to move on to the next level.  Top 8 for teams went and top 4 for individual.

This Region included the fittest of the fit from the entire state of California, Arizona, and Hawaii.  California is the birthplace of CrossFit, thus having some of the most fierce competitors. 


Each one of these competitions display true strengths as well as our weaknesses (yes, we ALL have weaknesses).  I encourage every single person that reads this to go to a CrossFit competition.  Words cannot describe the feelings you feel and the things you witness.  With that all in mind, Rocklin CrossFit will now be getting at least one tractor tire in the building in the very near future!


Happy Training all and congratulations!

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