No Pain, No Gain

Woodcreek Highschool varsity football player Steven Meyer has been stepping up his game and showing some serious intensity!  Last week I caught him playing on the rings and I told him to do a muscle up.  I briefly explained the concept to him and he made an attempt.  Like 99% of people who try muscle ups for the first time, he was unsuccessful.  However, at the end of a very intense snatch complex WOD, I spent a little time with him and taught the mechanics of the muscle up.  In just under 10 minutes of specific work on the rings, he nailed his first one.  After doing so, with all seriousness, he stated, “Muscle ups are really hard!”  Awesome work man!  Keep it up, now he’s asking his parents to get him some rings for home. 


In this picture, Stephen Meyer met “Fran” for the first time and went Rx’d.  Without paying attention to his hands, he finished with a time of 7:30.  Stephen has some serious potential to become a “fire breather” in attacking WOD’s!  Can’t wait to see him in a year!

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