If you are not feeling this way at the end of a WOD, re-evaluate why you are here! Upon excellent technique, go hard! Try to avoid just going through the motions during a WOD. Again, once technical skills are there, go for it. If you feel as though you just have nothing in the “tank”, take a day off. One day of rest can do a world of difference for your overall performance. I have stressed this before, Rocklin CrossFit does n

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ot close, nor post “Rest Days” on the website. That DOES NOT mean, workout with this much intensity seven days a week. Rest and recovery is just as important as being a firebreather during a WOD. Many of you know that I am a hippocrit when it comes to rest, but believe it or not, I am trying. A little rest now may save you from a mandatory six weeks off due to injury. I promise, its not worth it!

Pictured: Jim Garvin, just after the CrossFit classic, “Fight Gone Bad” posting a score at 329! Outstanding work Garv!

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