Why train as if your life depends on it?

After competitive sports are over for you, what is the motivation to continue training with intensity?  Many people get the idea that they are too old to workout hard.  What is hard?  That is a completely relative statement. Rocklin CrossFit training can be “hard” and intense.  Although, that is not to say that a deconditioned athlete can not partake in it and gain the benefits.  Everything is scalable either by load or volume.  So for those of you whom do not want to work out “hard” and would rather hit some “cardio” on the elliptical, go to your local fire, police, or military service branch and thank each and every one there.  Thank them, not only for protecting and helping us, but for training themselves and pushing to the next level.  They train because their lives depend on their condition, they also train because at some point in our lives, our life depends on it!  So, show some appreciation for the hard work people put in, join the community and help to better your life as well!


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