WOD Thursday March 11, 2010

It has been an excellent past couple weeks of WOD’s!  I am very impressed by the progress that has been made thus far.  There have been several PR’s (personal records) and firsts accomplished.  The workouts have been quite grueling, but keep in mind there are several Rocklin CrossFit members that are competing in the Northern California Sectional Competition towards the end of the month.  The WOD’s that have been posted are focused on many of the weaknesses that other competitions have proven some of us to have.  Today’s WOD will be short and sweet, a great CrossFit standard WOD:



Push Press     5 x 3

Russian KB Swings   4 x 15



21, 15, 9 OF:

Deadlift (225/155)

Handstand Push-ups (Nose to floor)*

*If your HSPU’s are not quite there yet, substitute with pike pushups with feet on an elevated surface with glutes up in the air as high as possible while keeping your hands close to the elevated surface (more commonly used is a box)
Back Extensions 3 x 30 
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