If you have been following the posts of WOD’s, you may have noticed that there has not been prescribed a rest day.  Under no circumstance does Rocklin CrossFit want you to do these style workouts on a daily basis with zero rest.  You must be wise and understand that Rocklin CrossFit is open seven days a week and that the workouts posted are for the classes in house.  You MUST take it upon yourself to rest, it is recommended that once adequate conditioning is present, that a three days on and one day off approach is taken.  With that said, listen to your body.  If you feel completely exhausted all the time, take a break! 

Again, Rocklin CrossFit runs classes seven days a week to ensure availiability to hit the individual’s scheduling needs.  If you do follow the WOD’s, please, please, please allow ample recovery time!  We are all guilty of over-doing it at times, TRUST ME!  CrossFit is a great stress release, but you’ll actually create much more stress on the body if done daily without rest. Resting and recovering shows a direct parallel in increasing performance as with the training itself.

Happy training,

Rocklin CrossFit

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